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Affordable Restaurant Hoods Sales & Installation offers turnkey kitchen ventilation systems.  We provide design, exhaust hoods, parts, permits, installation, and final inspections. We are located in Portland, and we are licensed to serve Oregon and Washington.

The most expensive and intricate aspect of building a restaurant or a food service facility typically is constructing and installing a proper kitchen ventilation system and fire suppression equipment. We can work with your designer/engineer, or we can design it for you. You can entrust turnkey installation to us and be assured that we will streamline processes and guarantee everything is built and installed in a manner that promotes the safety, efficiency, and longevity of the equipment in your commercial kitchen

Our turnkey service provides all the following:

Kitchen Exhaust Hoods (Type I)
Vent Only Hoods (Type II)

Dishwasher Hoods
Exhaust Fans
Makeup Air Fans
Welded Grease Duct
Air Duct
Fire Insulation
Stainless Steel Wall Flashing
Air Balancing
Accessories And Parts
Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
Gas Lines

Dismantling And Removal Of Outdated Equipment Systems

Accommodate The Client To Work Nights, Weekends, Holidays, Or Within A Restricted Time-Frame To Solve Any Violation Or Issue Imposed By The Fire Marshal's Office Or The Authority Having Jurisdiction On The Client While The Client Is Open For Business
Final Inspection